Specialization in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

According to the specific needs of the Colombian electric and industrial sector regarding the efficient management of electrical power systems, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Los Andes seeks to solve current problems starting with the twenty-sixth class of the Specialization in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Systems.


The objective of this program is to train professionals in modern methodologies and technologies for designing, planning and managing electric power transmission and distribution systems. This specialized program has delved into financial and project management areas. The program has this technical specialization implementing modern topics and methodologies for:

  • designing transmission systems
  • power system reliability performance
  • regulation and electricity markets
  • technological advances in power systems automation management
  • power quality analysis and management

Training engineers who are specialist in transmission and distribution is of current and future importance for companies in the electricity sector due to the amount of human and financial resources in these areas.

The proper implementation of modern technologies and methodologies for planning and designing transmission and distribution systems jointly with new public utilities management methodologies will enable companies to improve their efficiency in service delivery and optimize their investments and resources to offer a better-quality service with planned expansion, energy loss control, and better economic and financial results.

Colombia has had economic, political and legal changes in the electricity sector creating a new environment for private and public companies. This new situation has had a decisive influence on electric power companies, forcing them to implement environmental scanning and analysis of influence in their administrative processes and specifically in their planning process to improve their performance.

In this regard, planning processes are essential for the development of companies. Planning processes allow for a formal and systematic way of establishing opportunities offered by the environment and taking into consideration their own strengths and weaknesses to determine strategies for obtaining greater benefits and dealing with new challenges successfully. 

Graduate Profile

The specialization in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Systems trains specialists in modern methodologies and technologies for planning, designing and managing electric systems related to electric power transmission and distribution activities. This professional is capable of working in the public and private sectors, at both the operational and as managerial levels, using resources efficiently and considering the socio-economic and financial impacts of policy making.

Program Length: Three (3) semesters

Modality: on-site

Title: This program grants the academic title: Specialist in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Systems (Resolution 112 of June 16th, 1987, Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education, ICFES).



Level: Specialization


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