In this specialization, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Los Andes offers academic training for high level professionals who can face increasingly complex situations. These professionals work with constant technological changes involving social, economic, environmental and scientific aspects, and are able to develop automation projects for companies.


The program seeks to train professionals with attitudes and abilities for the management, design and development of industrial processes with an emphasis on modern methodologies for planning, designing, implementing, operating and controlling automated production systems.

The program has a top-level faculty where more than 80% of the professors have completed their doctorate. The Department has 17 new laboratories and an active-learning classroom where engineers can develop multidisciplinary industrial applications using specialized software. In addition, the Faculty has a great diversity of research groups. The Automation and Production Research Group (GIAP) is the main research support group for our engineer’s projects.

Graduate Profile

Graduates are capable of managing, designing and developing industrial process automation, with an emphasis in modern methodologies for planning, designing, operating and controlling of automated production systems.

Program Length: 20 months

Modality: on-site

Title: This program grants the academic title: Specialist in Industrial Process Automation (Resolution 181, 1991, Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education, ICFES)

Qualification: 181356290801100111100

SNIES Register 1569


Level: Specialization


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